Renard’s Kitchen is a modern and mobile sweet and savoury French crêpe and sweet waffle business trading at Sydney festivals, markets and “pop up” stalls.  We also provide on-site catering for children and adult parties, weddings and corporate events.  Check us out on facebook to see where we will be trading next!

Our range of product range includes gluten-free and vegetarian.

Did you know that we make all of our batters ourselves, from scratch?  None of our crêpes or waffles come from a packet and you can taste the difference!  We even blend our own cheeses!

We are available for your next event, function, wedding, adult or children’s party!  If you would like a variety of other food stall options we may be able to arrange this as well.

Call Renard on 0419 747 835 or email kieran.renard@renardskitchen.com.au



The Menu

Renard’s Kitchen Menu

Renard’s Kitchen brings you all the classic sweet and savoury crêpes such as Ham, Egg and Cheese, Sugar and Lemon &  Nutella.  For the adventurous foodie, Renard invites you to take a culinary journey by fusing French crêpes with Aussie, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Belgian or Swiss flavours. The products are named after Sydney’s familiar suburbs and landmarks to help navigate the menu!

Best Quality Ingredients

At Renard’s Kitchen, we believe in delivering amazing flavours with the best and freshest ingredients.

Our ham is lightly smoked and our eggs are free-range. The fruit, vegetables and meats are bought fresh from the market and other local merchants. True to the European tradition, we have sourced the highest quality ingredients — authentic Swiss cheeses, Italian Parma ham and Belgian chocolate.  Our gluten-free buckwheat is from NSW!

When it comes to ingredients and flavour only the best will do!

So come along and explore our menu, which we hope will have you coming back for more! The hardest choice will be knowing which filling to pick next!



Crumbled Greek Fetta, Rocket, Mushrooms & Roasted Capsicum

Crafted with fresh veggies, herbs and crumbled feta, the Newtown brings the freshness of the country into the city. This is a tasty vegetarian option and Renard’s Kitchen best selling crepe.


Bacon, Swiss Cheese and Free Range Egg

Our melt in your mouth Swiss cheese, streaky bacon and free-range eggs are your perfect start to a lazy weekend morning!


Ham, Swiss Cheese & Free-Range Egg

This classic is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fresh ham, our authentic blend of Swiss cheese and a free-range egg really hits the spot!


Prosciutto, Swiss Cheese, Mushroom, Roasted Capsicum and Basil

Bring out the big guns! Stroll through little Italy and let your taste buds bask in the antipasto flavours. Made with the best Parma ham, authentic Swiss cheese and served full of fresh veggies.


Rare Roast Beef, Horseradish, Swiss Cheese and Rocket

This is the perfect summer crepe!  If it is too hot to move, the Enmore is the perfect cool crepe with delicate flavours and beautiful textures.


BBQ Bacon & Chorizo with Swiss Cheese

Our signature dish for the animal in you!  Better than cold meat-lover’s pizza the morning after! This one is a great hangover cure as well as a great hearty breakfast or brunch to get you pumping on all cylinders!


Chicken, Swiss Cheese & Mushrooms

Our succulent chicken, authentic blend of Swiss cheeses and market fresh mushrooms will really fill you up!  For extra spice or zing add Piri Piri or BBQ sauce!


Piri-Piri Chicken, Swiss Cheese, Roasted Capsicum

Wait till you try this one — you will be pleasantly surprised! Inspired by Petersham’s thriving Portuguese community, this medium-spice chicken, capsicum and “melt-in-your-mouth” Swiss cheese is the perfect pick-me-up for your day.


Tomato and Basil Beef with Crumbled Greek Feta

Our homemade Italian style Tomato and Basil Beef sauce is packed with flavour and the creamy feta is the perfect combination.



Caster Sugar

Sans Souci in French means “No Worries”. After a light, sweet and lemony crêpe? No worries! Coming up!


Caster Sugar and Cinnamon

For kids and adults alike, if you know what you want, this is the answer almost everytime!!



This classic will never disappoint. Renard’s will let you into a little secret. Next, try the Lilyfield. Hmm… See? Now you’ve got a dilemma on your hands!

Allergen Information – Contains Hazelnuts


Banana and/or Stawberry & Nutella®

A classic combination straight from the cafes of Paris!  Banana or Strawberry and Nutella® are made for each other!

Allergen Information – Contains Hazelnuts


Belgian Milk Chocolate & Strawberries

Renard’s sweet signature dish. Made from the highest-quality genuine Belgian milk chocolate and market-fresh strawberries. We promise to have it available for you when you come back…every week.


Strawberry Jam

Not all strawberry jams are born equal. We know, we’ve tried them all! This one’s the best. No doubt about it!


Lemon Curd and Poppy Seed

One of our best-kept secrets. Sometimes, you forget about the small pleasures in life. Well,  lemon curd is the answer! It will blow your mind and take your right back to your happy place!


Salted Caramel Sauce and Banana

This is the classic dessert combo.  Sweet and Salted Caramel with Fresh Bananas.  It will have you grinning from ear to ear!



Icing Sugar

Keep it simple and savour the sweet crispy waffle and icing sugar!


Nutella ®

The classic waffle the way it was meant to be eaten, drizzled with Nutella®


Maple Syrup

For a waffle Canadian style, you can’t go past the maple syrup waffle with real maple syrup.


Lemon Curd, Poppy Seed and Whipped Cream

Just wait till you try this one.  Speechless……


Belgian Milk Chocolate and Strawberries

Best served hot, the melted real Belgian Milk Chocolate is offset by the cool sweet strawberries.  Drift off to your happy place!!


Salted Caramel, Banana and Whipped Cream

This is a serious dessert and an absolute must for waffle addicts!


Nutella®, Banana, Strawberries and Whipped Cream

This is the mother of all waffles!  Your heart will miss a beat when you see what you are about to eat!!

Crepe Allergen Information: Contains dairy, egg & gluten.  May contain nuts and soy

Gallette Allergen Information: Contains dairy & egg. May contain nuts and soy

Waffle Allergen Information: Contains dairy, egg & gluten.  May contain nuts



For your next event, wedding or function, contact Kieran at Renard’s Kitchen on 0419 747 835 or fill in the contact form below!