Who is Renard’s?

“Renard” is French for “Fox”.   Kieran “Fox” established Renard’s Kitchen. “Renard” is the name of the friendly fox on our company logo. Look out for the “Renard” at the festivals, markets, parties and corporate events!

Kieran Fox, who operates Renard’s Kitchen, was born in Geneva which is located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland among the foothills of the Alps. He went to school in Geneva and, as a result, speaks fluent French. He spent his summer holidays in Europe making crepes and waffles at music festivals, special events and cafes, where he developed the skills and knowledge to produce authentic crêpes, galettes and waffles.  After completing his studies in the UK, he came to Australia as a backpacker in the late 1990s and has called Sydney home ever since.

Kieran worked in the Australian food industry since his arrival in Australia and has now realised a long-held ambition of establishing a French Crêpe and Waffle business in Australia.